EWA Updates 470-512 MHz Coordination Procedures

EWA has streamlined its procedures for completing a modification of an existing 470-512 MHz license to convert from a FB2/MO or FB6/MO6 to a YG FB8/MO8 license. The new procedures determine that the applicant has exclusivity whether it is a single location or multiple sites under a single call sign. It first confirms whether there are any pre-existing co-channel licensees within the specific market area and if the applicant has sufficient loading to qualify for exclusive use of the frequency. Once these items are verified, EWA will certify the conversion to FB8/MO8 status.

Mobile Coordination Procedures

The LMCC has advised the FCC that all FCC-certified frequency advisory committees will comply with the terms of the FCC's March 19, 2008, letter concerning the treatment of mobile stations and mobile only systems. As part of the frequency coordination process, coordinators will analyze a mobile at the service contour of its associated base station, or at the edge of the mobile area of operation for mobile-only systems.


FCC Affirms FB8 Mobile Protection Rule

The FCC has responded to an LMCC request for clarification of the rule that delineates the protection that must be afforded to mobile operations associated with FB8 exclusive use trunked systems. In a December 2007 letter to the Chiefs of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, LMCC contended that recent Commission interpretations of Section 90.187 are excessive in that they provide for protection of mobiles at the edge of an FB8 transmitter's service area, an area in which the mobiles rarely may be operating.

Premier Membership Generating Results for Members

One of the new services that EWA Premier Members receive is a monthly "Dynamic Spectrum Analysis." Designed to identify the availability of exclusive channels.

EWA Meets With FCC Staff

EWA and Land Mobile Communications Council (LMCC) representatives met in late January with staff members from both the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB) and the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau (PSHSB) to discuss the revisions to Rule Section 90.187 that were proposed by LMCC in WT Docket No.