Be Forewarned — Federal Licensing Communication

Many suspecting licensees, along with their wireless service providers, are contacting EWA asking “are these guys for real” after receiving misleading communications from “Federal Licensing, Inc. Publication Division” stating that all licensees “of the Private Land Mobile radio service to maintain a current copy of the FCC Rules and Regulations …”  (Editor’s note – the bad grammar is attributable exclusively to Federal Licensing.) Another outrageous claim is that their publication has been “endorsed by the FCC’s Field Operations Bureau.” Of course, for those who weren’t suspicious before should be by now as there is no longer an FCC Field Operations Bureau, and the FCC rules in their entirety are available by simply accessing the FCC’s web site. Of course, if you want to hand over $119 to this outfit for a document that is available for free on the internet, well, we tried to warn you. In the future, we will provide helpful guidance on how best to respond to other bogus solicitations from Federal Licensing, particularly from their “Renewal/Modification Division” and a newly formed “Compliance Division.” You can’t make this stuff up!  Be forewarned however.