A Paperless FCC—Hopefully Unwelcome News for Federal Licensing and Federal License Management

Not everyone was in favor of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) transitioning entirely to an all-electronic means of communication with its licensees.  EWA’s view was that it was time to do so, after all we are well into the 21st century. And speaking of those that are stuck in the past, I’ll bet you that both Federal Licensing and Federal License Management (not related!) could not have welcomed the FCC’s decision to soon rely entirely on email. You see, to keep the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) away from investigating their “you need our licensing assistance” solicitations that are drafted to appear as urgent communications from the FCC, these entities must rely exclusively on delivering their deceptive efforts on paper through the USPS. The FTC does not have jurisdiction over materials sent through the mail. They will, however, investigate and prosecute scams that are delivered through email.
So if you or your customers receive paper-based solicitations from such bogus names as the “Office of Compliance Administration,” a fantasy of Federal License Management, or from either a “Modification Division,” “Renewal Modification,” or “Publication Division,” all bizarre Federal License, Inc. cartoons purportedly from the FCC, continue to trash them with confidence as all official FCC communications will be delivered entirely through email. And if you or your customers start receiving emails from either of these outfits, please alert EWA.  … Mark