A “Publication Division” Indeed

They are at it again, or perhaps they never stopped, but Federal Licensing, Inc.’s Publication Division is  warning licensees that a “financial penalty (fine)” may be assessed by the FCC if radio systems are not operated in accordance with the FCC’s rules. And just in case licensees do not have a copy of the rules governing their radio system to discover whether they are operating within the rules, for a mere $119 per order no less, Federal Licensing, Inc. will save the day and send you for five years straight, an “updated version of the FCC RULES AND REGULATIONS governing the PRIVATE LAND MOBILE RADIO SERVICES.”

Their solicitation claims that the “FCC implemented major changes to the rules, having a direct impact on the operation of your system” which is consistent with  other wacky statements contained within their tired solicitations. Of course, we are not sure how they would know that, and we suspect that they have no idea what changes have taken place within the rules, when or why.  It sounds good though. What a way to make a living!

Here's the tip of the week – the entirety of the current updated rules governing private land mobile radio systems may be viewed by accessing the FCC’s web site at www.fcc.gov. For free no less! 

Do not fall prey to these jokers.