Advocacy Priorities for 2018

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

EWA engages in advocacy concerning a wide array of regulatory matters that affect the business interests of its members. In 2018, EWA will focus its advocacy work in three areas:

  • Promoting technological advances within spectrum dedicated to private wireless. EWA CEO Mark Crosby regularly reminds audiences “there are no further allocations forthcoming that will be dedicated for B/ILT uses, so we must make more efficient use of what we have.” 
  • Promoting spectrum solutions and access through fair and reasonable policies. Even as technological improvements free more spectrum for use, an increase in demand for private wireless spectrum and a national mandate to deploy consumer-level broadband have necessitated that the industry consider policies and practices that enhance access opportunities and ensure the active use of licensed spectrum.
  • Promoting spectrum integrity. As the sharing of spectrum becomes more the norm, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that coordinators fully adhere to FCC assignment rules and that licenses accurately reflect was is actually in operation. 


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