Avoiding the FCC’s License Termination Hit List

Monday, June 25, 2018

To protect the interests of licensees and to minimize the loss of critical spectrum assets, EWA recommends the following actions:

  • Provide complete contact information — Be accessible to the FCC by including complete contact information. Ensure that both physical and email addresses are listed.
  • Review contact information annually and update as needed — Companies consolidate, change names or move locations. People change employers every four years on average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Stay ahead of the change by reviewing contact information for licenses under your purview every year. Update information when necessary.
  • Offer the licensee choice — Despite having a preference for electronic communications, the FCC offers licensees and registrants the option of notifying the Commission that “they wish to receive official authorizations on paper through the U.S. Postal Service.” If the licensee wishes to receive a paper license, check “Yes” in answer to the question “Receive Paper Authorizations?” If the licensee wishes to receive official authorizations electronically only, no specific action is needed. Read more about how to obtain offical authorizations from ULS.
  • Access EWA resources — EWA manages more than 19,000 licenses through its Total License Management service. If you are responsible for a large portfolio of licenses, let the license experts at EWA deliver a top-notch service that includes a detailed license review, an exhaustive search for any unknown licenses, ongoing monitoring with notification of renewal deadlines, Part 90 construction notifications and other FCC licensing requirements. Contact EWA to learn more.