EWA and EEI File Letter on 6 GHz Multi-Stakeholder Working Group Report

Jointly with the Edison Electric Institute, the Enterprise Wireless Alliance filed an ex parte letter with the Federal Communications Commission noting that contrary to the “overly cheery" description of the July 11, 2022, 6 GHz Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) report, the “MSG did not achieve its mission, irrespective of attempts to influence the narrative.”  The filing also noted that proponents of unlicensed 6 GHz devices “are entirely dismissive of the critical importance of the areas where no consensus was reached, in addition to the areas that unlicensed proponents refused to discuss. That is because these were areas where the stakeholders attempted to, but failed to, define procedures for resolving interference from unlicensed devices to incumbent microwave facilities including matters such as how to identify interference, how to report it, and how the associated costs should be allocated among parties.” 

Friday, September 9, 2022