I got it … I got it!

Monday, June 25, 2018

On two occasions, EWA took the time to alert a private carrier that their authorization was listed on the FCC’s license termination pending notice which is published weekly. The private carrier said thanks and advised that they would take care of the matter. Several weeks later, EWA noticed that the frequencies had been in fact terminated by the FCC and, again contacted the private carrier offering support to potentially duplicate the terminated license. The dealer responded that it had submitted the appropriate paperwork and that the license status should now be listed as active. One would think, but the FCC had simply changed the status of the license status from terminated to termination pending, not the outcome the private carrier was seeking from the FCC. Not wanting to be too much of a pest, EWA notified the private carrier that their work to restore their license was not concluded as yet. Since this last contact, EWA has not seen the license on the termination pending list, suggesting that the private carrier was successful in having the status of the license changed.

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