Oil Spills Can Happen Anywhere

Monday, June 25, 2018

If you think that oil spills are an issue only at off-shore drilling sites or at refineries, that would be an incorrect assumption as EWA was recently advised. Hazardous oil spills can happen due to vehicle crashes on roads, train mishaps, pipeline leaks or through a variety of other ways. In the UHF band, 454/459.000 MHz is specifically allocated on a primary basis to entities involved in oil-spill clean-up and containment. Other operations on these frequencies by other licensees is on a secondary, non-interference basis.

Last month, at the request of the Telecommunications Subcommittee of the American Petroleum Institute, EWA reminded all licensees not potentially engaged in oil spill and containment operations that their use of this specific channel is on secondary use basis pursuant to FCC Rules & Regulations.