Updates to Cevo® Pro Include New Sorting Capabilities

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

In response to user requests, EWA has introduced several enhancements to Cevo®, the frequency coordination online portal, including improvements to how results of frequency coordination details are displayed. To make it easier for Cevo Pro users to analyze the incumbent environment and select the best frequencies for their requirements, detailed results display by frequency in ascending order, along with the distance. In addition, if a call sign has multiple emission designators, they will be grouped together, and each emission designator appears on a separate line. 

Cevo Pro users wanting to skip the detailed results of a frequency coordination request, find it easy to simply select the frequency with the lowest “Cumulative Overlap.”

Another feature recently added for Cevo Pro users allows them, while modifying call signs with numerous frequencies, sites, or emissions, to no longer wait for the information to load into their application in progress. In those cases, users may proceed with other activities in Cevo, while the application is building in their Cevo dashboard. 


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