Private Wireless Education

PWECThe private wireless industry continues to expand and innovate in response to the increasing need for secure and reliable device and data wireless services. Keeping pace with industry change requires regular and continual professional development at all levels of an organization, particularly the technical and systems engineering staff upon whom sales and service providers, business enterprises, and manufacturers and vendors rely to implement and maintain the wireless technologies and standards.

To meet the growing needs of its members, the Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA) has formed the Private Wireless Education Council (Education Council). EWA’s objective is two-fold: to nurture greater access to training programs in place today and to offer additional courses such as licensing and frequency coordination, system planning, spectrum acquisition, safety requirements, and RF interference mitigation to expand its members’ knowledge base. As part of implementing this objective, EWA’s Wireless Leadership Summit will expand its content offerings.

Certification Training

2018 Wireless Leadership Summit, San Antonio, TX

Distributed Antenna Systems and BDAs - This two-day course, made available by EWA’s new Private Wireless Education Council,  was open to anyone interested in learning about the fundamental theories, components, installation, maintenance and support of in-building Distributed Antenna Systems. Students completing this course better understand how DAS systems work, how they are designed, and why the design is critical to proper operation. Exposure to RF energy and related safety subjects will be addressed. (detailed topics covered)

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Land Mobile Radio Licensing

Attendees to EWA’s Wireless Leadership Summit, October 10 in San Antonio, Texas, may choose to attend a special breakout session to learn best practices for securing available spectrum for wireless system projects. Hear about techniques and tricks such as maximizing exclusive channel assignments, avoiding harmful interference, using emission designators to your advantage, selecting the right spectrum band, and many more useful tips.

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EWA, as the industry’s leading authority on land mobile radio spectrum policy and licensing, is the market leading membership organization with top-quality spectrum consulting, FCC application preparation, frequency coordination, and FCC activity reporting and license management services. EWA prepares on an annual basis nearly fifteen percent of the applications for Public Safety licenses, and nearly forty percent of all Business/Industrial applications. EWA is developing a certification training program to help wireless sales and service providers, licensees, and equipment and service vendors understand radio and licensing fundamentals, from basics and advanced topics, for the purpose of better preparing for and delivering top quality services to your customers. Stay tuned later in 2018 for online and classroom course availability.