Confronting 800 MHz Speculation

EWA also used the opportunity in its Replies to respond to comments filed by M2M Spectrum Networks, LLC (M2M) which opposes incumbent licensee priority access claiming that the best use of the band would be the Internet of Things (IoT). EWA questioned the dubious claims of several entities with apparent ties to M2M who submitted individual letters also opposing any incumbent priority access. How many of these entities purchased costly EB/GB application packages from companies affiliated with M2M, whether SNG Networks Group, LLC (SNG) or Smartcomm, LLC, or others, is unknown, EWA stated, but EWA suggested that the FCC seek answers to certain questions about M2M’s purported activities in the 800 MHz band. Specifically, M2M stated that it is operating its own network, using 800 MHz and other frequencies. What frequencies are being used under what call signs and how are these multiple bands integrated? Why does M2M need 800 MHz spectrum that is designated for base/mobile, primary voice operation for what appears to be its proposed non-voice, primarily fixed IoT applications? Several of the affiliated M2M entities claimed that they are using M2M’s network. What 800 MHz equipment are M2M’s customers using as EWA has not been able to locate any FCC-certified 800 MHz IoT equipment.

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