EWA/LMCC Respond to Other Spectrum Issues

Regarding UHF Guard Band channels, virtually all parties filing comments in this proceeding agreed that with proper frequency coordination, several specific guard band channels should be added to the I/B frequency table to maximize the use of scarce spectrum. The LMCC and EWA both endorsed the Central Station Alarm Association proposal that would allow greater access to certain central station alarms channels in the UHF band.

Commenting parties confirmed support for making conditional licensing available for all narrowband T-Band, 700 MHz, 800 MHz, and 900 MHz applicants. And finally, the LMCC repeated its support for codifying already granted waiver relief that permits railroad licensees the use of single-channel Class A signal boosters with 30 watts effective radiated power on 452/457.90625 MHz to 452/457.9625 MHz.     

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