PTC-220 Proposes Spectrum Swap for Positive Train Control

The FCC adopted a Proposed Order of Modification to modify a 218-219 MHz license assigned to PTC-220, LLC to facilitate Positive Train Control (PTC) implementation by New Jersey Transit (NJ Transit), the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) and certain freight railroads. PTC-220 is an alliance between the seven Class 1 railroads with the aim of securing spectrum to support interoperable PTC. The station KIVD0007 includes 500 kilohertz of spectrum (218.000 to 218.500 MHz) in eight counties where NJ Transit and SEPTA must deploy PTC. However, they must also deploy PTC in eight additional counties bordering the current license area. PTC-220 has requested that the FCC modify Station KIVD0007 by authorizing the use of 250 kilohertz of spectrum from the Commission’s 218-219 MHz band inventory in the eight additional counties and that the FCC modify the Station to return 250 kilohertz from each of the eight counties currently comprising the license area.

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