Items on EWA’s Radar Screen

Regulatory items that are awaiting an FCC response of critical interest to EWA members include, among other matters: 

  • 900 MHz Private Enterprise Broadband PEBB — The FCC prepared what is believed to be a Notice of Inquiry (NOI) that will seek information regarding the EWA/PDV proposal to bifurcate the band into a broadband and narrowband allocation; 
  • AEP 800 MHz Waiver — Opposed by APCO, an AEP/EWA effort to permit AEP early CII access to Sprint-vacated spectrum at remote sites; 
  • 800 MHz Interstitial Channels — The pending release of a Report and Order will make available 319 Mid-Band 12.5 kHz channel pairs, incorporating proposed LMCC adjacent channel interference protection analyses; 
  • T-Band Repurposing — How the FCC proposes to implement legislation requiring that PS channels be auctioned by 2021 remains to be seen, however complications include insufficient replacement spectrum for PS and I/B licensees, PS licensee statements that they cannot/will not relocate, and now there are implementation time constraints; and 
  • License Renewal Proceeding — A potential further NPRM proposing more detailed renewal showings for both site-based and geographic licenses.
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