Checking “No” Instead of “Yes” on Application Results in FCC Hearing

The FCC has launched a formal hearing process to determine whether Acumen Communications is qualified to be an FCC licensee and whether any or all of its licenses should be revoked. In 50 license applications, Acumen represented to the FCC that “no party directly or indirectly controlling Acumen has ever been convicted of a felony by any state or federal court.” However, the FCC now has information that Mr. Hector Mosquera, the owner of Acumen, was convicted of a felony by a state court in California. Despite the conviction, Mr. Mosquera signed FCC license applications that answered “N” (or “no”) to the felony question, violating section 1.65 of Commission rules. In addition to possibly losing all of its licenses, Acumen could face fines for the repeated violation.

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