T-Band Fact Sheet Has Critical Information

Last year, the FCC released a fact sheet providing answers to common questions about T-Band and the Middle-Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012. The fact sheet provides relevant and pertinent information, such as the following: 

Q:   When will funds be available to T-Band public safety incumbents for relocation?
A:    The Act does not address these contingencies. However, in implementing the Act, the Commission is committed under any scenario to ensuring the continuity of T-Band licensees’ public safety mission-critical communications.

Q:   Should T-Band public safety licensees continue to maintain their existing T-Band systems?  Are there steps they should take to prepare for relocation?
A:   T-Band public safety licensees should continue to maintain existing systems as needed. However, we remind licensees of the freeze on new or expanded T-Band operations, and we advise T-Band licensees, in conjunction with their frequency coordinators, state and local governments, and interoperability partners to begin consideration of transition options consistent with the statutory timeframes described above.

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