Enforcement Activities

Environmental Rules Violations. On May 22, the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau (PSHSB) notified counties in Florida, South Carolina, and Indiana that they had improperly constructed towers before completing the required Environmental Assessments (EA) and had inaccurately certified in their applications that no EA was required. In all three cases, it was determined that the construction constituted an environmental impact. All were warned that future violations could result in penalties, including a fine.  (DA 17-496/97/98)  

Trouble in Paradise. On May 16, an Enforcement Bureau (EB) Field Office sent Notices of Violation to two licensees in Hawaii. The first licensee was alleged to be transmitting “continuously” on a non-exclusive channel without allowing co-channel licensees reasonable access and failing to transmit an ID. The second was causing interference and found to be operating a data signal with a bandwidth in excess of 10 kHz on a frequency limited to 6 kHz bandwidth use.  (File Nos EB-FIELDWR-17-0023651 and EB FIELDWR-17-00023803)

Interference to Public Safety. Mr. Bradley Pike received a Notice of Unlicensed Operation on May 17 for allegedly using a jammer to interfere with a Dallas County, Texas VHF system. Field agents tracked the interference to his home where Mr. Pike surrendered the signal jammer.  (Case No EB-FIELDSCR-17-00024019)

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