FCC Adopts FirstNet Opt-Out Rules

At its June 22, 2017, meeting, the FCC adopted rules governing the FirstNet opt-out process, including among other processes and informational requirements: 
  • The timeline for states to provide notification of opt-out decisions and associated  plans with the FCC;
  • Information that states should include in plans to demonstrate compliance with the statutory criteria that alternative systems are interoperable with the FirstNet network; 
  • The technical criteria and standards that the FCC will use to evaluate state plans;  
  • The FCC’s review process, including participation by interested parties, treatment of confidential information and the timing of FCC action; and
  • The process for documenting decisions to approve or disapprove state plans. 
The rules become effective 30 days after Federal Register publication. (PS 16-269; FCC 17-75)
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