Public Safety 800 MHz Waiver Still Falls Short

In an ex parte filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA) reiterated its opinion that neither the Washington County Consolidated Communications Agency (WCCCA) nor the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International (APCO) submitted sufficient justification that would warrant granting WCCCA’s waiver request to use Industrial/Business (I/B) 800 MHz channels in lieu of utilizing spectrum readily available for public safety use. 

EWA had previously recommended that WCCCA replace the two Business/Industrial Land Transportation (B/ILT) channels with two General Category (GC) channels. Since either approach would require an FCC waiver, EWA suggested that the FCC determine which would better serve the public interest, assuming waiver relief was appropriate. EWA’s second filing in this matter also included a technical analysis prepared by EWA member Lockard & White responding to the WCCCA argument that the GC channels would result in an unacceptable coverage loss because of combiner issues. Lockard & White’s technical analysis showed that the use of EWA’s recommended GC channels would have a negligible effect on WCCCA’s coverage requirements at the single site in question. (File No. 0007375570)

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