EWA Evaluating Impact of Proposal on AeroMACS

The FCC has invited comments on a petition filed by the WiMAX Forum, proposing service rules in Part 95 for unlicensed, non-Federal Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communications System (AeroMACS) operations. AeroMACS refers to a collection of high data rate wireless networks that are used for airport surface operations to provide broadband communications between aircraft and other vehicles, as well as between critical fixed assets. It operates in the 5000-5030 MHz and 5091-5150 MHz bands, and will be utilized by Federal and non-Federal users. Proposed uses include air traffic management, including air traffic control; aeronautical operations communications; and communications related to airport operations, safety, and security. Non-Federal users may include airport owners and operators, airline carriers, aeronautical communications network providers (ACNPs), and other entities that engage in airport communications relating to safety and regularity of flight. Non-Federal AeroMACS operations would be licensed by rule under part 95 of the Commission’s rules, with users required to register proposed sites in a database administered by the Channel Manager, which would determine eligibility and assign channels.

EWA will discuss the proposal with affected members. Comments are due on August 18 and Reply Comments on September 5. (RM-11793) 

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