Enforcement Actions

Miami EB Cracks Down on Piracy
The Miami office of the FCC Enforcement Bureau issued eight warnings to 9 individuals in one day. All violators were served with notices of unlicensed operation for broadcasting from their residences, all of which are located within 40 miles of Miami, Florida. In each occurrence, the violator was broadcasting using a power level that exceeded Part 15 standards. In each case, the FCC delivered a warning which provided 10 days to respond with evidence of authority to operate.
Enforcement Bureau Warnings
  • Region one: Notice of Unlicensed Operation. Individual broadcasting radio signals from a residence in Brooklyn, New York. Warning issued.
  • Region three: Notice of Unlicensed Operation. Individual broadcasting signal from residence in San Jose, California. The signal caused interference to over 200 sites of Verizon Wireless in the San Jose area. In addition, individual was found to be operating equipment not certified by the FCC. Warning issued.
Enforcement Bureau Forfeitures
  • Remotes Unlimited, Inc. (RUI) of Stafford, Texas, will pay a civil penalty of $30,000 for marketing radio frequency devices that do not comply with FCC equipment authorization requirements. In addition to the penalty, RUI will implement a compliance plan to ensure that it adheres to FCC rules in the future.
  • Ravi’s Import Warehouse will pay $22,000 for operating a cell phone jammer in its commercial establishment in Dallas, Texas. The FCC learned of the issue via a complaint filed by AT&T, claiming that one of its base stations was receiving interference.  AT&T had contacted the establishment, attempting to resolve the issue, to no avail. When confronted by the FCC agent, the owner of Ravi’s admitted to operating the signal jammer, claiming the purpose was to prevent employees from using cell phones while at work.
  • The FCC imposed a penalty of $15,000 on Vilnord Simon for operating an unlicensed radio station in North Miami, Florida.
  • Wilner Lundi will pay $15,000 for operating an unlicensed radio station over two frequencies in Lake Worth, Florida.
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