FCC Denies AEP Waiver Request

In an Order adopted August 30, the FCC denied the waiver requests submitted by American Electric Power Service Corporation (AEP) to modify its 800 MHz licenses to add frequencies currently available only to public safety eligible entities as well as for access to 800 MHz Expansion Band frequencies in an area not declared complete. On the request to access “Sprint-vacated” frequencies before the end of the Public Safety set-aside period, the FCC disagreed “with the suggestion that the purpose of the rule has been met because no Public Safety entity applied for the channels before the midpoint of the set-aside period.” Further, the FCC did not believe that AEP demonstrated that granting the waiver would be in the public interest. With respect to the request for access to 800 MHz Expansion Band frequencies, the FCC concluded that AEP had not demonstrated a compelling reason to grant the request and that granting the request “would undermine the goal of maintaining a stable spectrum environment in each NPSPAC region prior to establishing a filing date.”  (DA 16-1073) 

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