Enforcement Actions

Global Paratransit Fined for Not Operating in Narrowband
The FCC has imposed what is believed to be the first fine to a licensee for operating a wideband system in non-compliance with the January 1, 2013, 150-470 MHz narrowbanding deadline. On September 11, the FCC adopted a Forfeiture Order imposing a fine of $13,000 against Global Paratransit for failing to operate its private land mobile radio station on a narrowband basis, failing to transmit its call sign, and failing to respond to a Commission Notice of Violation (NOV). The Commission issued the NOV in May of 2016.

Other Actions

The FCC issued a Notice of Violation to Juan Carlos Cacho Alvelo for causing interference to the safety and distress frequency of 406.0 MHz, using an unregistered Emergency Position Indicating Radiobeacon (EPIRB) in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. Per FCC Rules, “EPIRB transmissions must be used only under emergency conditions….” An FCC agent found the EPIRB activated in the absence of an emergency on a small vessel located at a private residence. Within 20 days of the Notice, Mr. Alvelo was instructed to submit a written statement explaining this matter, the steps taken to correct the violations and a timeline for correction. 

The Miami office of the FCC Enforcement Bureau issued a warning to Robenson Thermitus for operating an unlicensed FM station in Miami, Florida. The violator was broadcasting using a power level that exceeded the maximum permitted level for non-licensed devices. Mr. Thermitus has 10 days to respond with evidence of authority to operate.


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