Remember the Speculators

On October 5, EWA filed an ex parte letter in WP 16-261 bringing to the attention of the FCC a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Order against Janus Spectrum and other defendants in which the United States District Court for the District of Arizona granted the SEC summary judgment against four defendants. The SEC alleged, and the Court agreed, that the defendants “are responsible for planning and operating an investment scheme to apply for, obtain, and monetize [FCC] spectrum licenses [in the EB/GB] that…Defendants knew or should have known had little value.” In its letter to the FCC, EWA asked the FCC to consider this example while making its determination regarding 800 MHz Expansion Band and Guard Band spectrum. EWA urged the FCC to consider ways to deter copycats that might seek to defraud the public and to protect the use of the spectrum for those who need it. In previous filings, EWA has recommended time-limited priority access to this spectrum when it is made available in additional markets.


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