FCC Terminates MCLM Case and Licenses

On September 28, more than six years after issuance of the Order to Show Cause and Hearing Designator Order that started the investigation into Maritime Communications/Land Mobile, LLC’s (MCLM) qualifications to hold FCC licenses, a stipulation was reached that allowed the FCC to dismiss the case and terminate the hearing. The licenses held by MCLM were assigned out of bankruptcy to Choctaw Holdings pursuant to the FCC’s “Second Thursday” policy and the parties now have settled the final issue as to the permanent discontinuance of 16 site-based Automated Maritime Telecommunications System (AMTS) licenses. Choctaw presumably will be permitted to assign spectrum to a variety of utilities who had entered into purchase agreements with MCLM before it was thrown into the hearing and who have waited all this time for the matter to be settled.  What it intends to do with the remaining spectrum is unknown. (FCC 17M-35; EB Docket No. 11-71)

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