800 MHz Spectrum Developments

Contrary to industry rumors, EWA understands that a Report and Order is being drafted in response to the LMCC petition that requests incumbents be provided priority access to 800 MHz Expansion Band/Guard Band channels and will be reviewed by the WTB and PSHSB front offices. A recommendation that the LMCC withdraw its petition will be reviewed by the LMCC membership during a forthcoming meeting. (WP 16-261).   

Despite previous optimistic reports that an Order was under consideration within the Chairman’s Office to launch the availability of 800 MHz, 12.5 kHz interstitial channels, evidently the item has been returned to the PSHSB for additional work. When the item returns to the Chairman’s Office, EWA will “visit” the 8th floor (FCC slang for where the Commissioner offices are located at the agency’s building) to push for its early review and acceptance. (WP 15-32)

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