EWA Expects to Support TAC Spectrum Policy Recommendations

On December 1, The FCC Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) released a Public Notice (PN) requesting comment on spectrum policy recommendations from its Technological Advisory Council (TAC). If adopted, the recommendations could have far-reaching impact on wireless systems. They propose defining “interference” more precisely; establishing “Interference Limits”; regarding interference as a two-directional issue; and taking into account receiver performance and the design of the “victim” system as well as the operation of the alleged “interferer.” In addition, OET and its TAC recommend “that operators should expect and plan for occasional service degradation or interruption, and the Commission should not base its rules on exceptional events.” The TAC recommendations are likely to generate lively debate in an increasingly spectrum-congested environment. EWA plans to participate in the discussion and will note the importance of equipment quality in considering causes of interference, among other comments. Comments are due January 31 and Reply Comments February 15. (DA 17-1165)

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