EWA to Support Members on CMRS Presumption

EWA expects the FCC will approve a Report and Order (R&O) to harmonize FCC rules by eliminating the commercial mobile radio service (CMRS) presumption and allowing licensees to self-identify their service as common carrier, non-common carrier, and/or private internal communications. The selection must be based on the intended use and reflect the current CMRS and PMRS definitions. This action will eliminate the need for private internal applicants to request a waiver when acquiring either from the FCC or by assignment what has been considered commercial spectrum. It also should allow 800/900 MHz SMR licensees to identify their service as non-common carrier/PMRS, as long as the system is not interconnected, an action not permitted today. 

The draft R&O also adopts EWA’s recommendation that FCC forms retain all three regulatory categories rather than having all systems identified as CMRS or PMRS. EWA explained that it can be helpful to distinguish non-interconnected commercial systems from private internal systems, a distinction that would be lost if both types were identified as PMRS. EWA will provide guidance with member SMR licensees in compliance with the new rules.  (WT 16-240)

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