FCC Adopts Dividing Line for SMRs in 800 MHz CBR

On November 17, the PSHSB announced the Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio (ESMR) dividing line in the 800 MHz band for Canada Border Regions (CBR) 1 through 6. The 800 MHz Report and Order directs the 800 MHz Transition Administrator (TA) to assign post-reconfiguration channels to licensees operating in the CBR. Specifically, “the Bureau instructed the TA to separate ESMR systems from non-ESMR systems in the CBRS by assigning non-ESMR licensees to replacement channels in the lower segment of the 800 MHz band while maintaining the upper portion of the band for licensees operating ESMR systems.” In response, Sprint requested that the TA consider an alternative dividing line in CBR 2, based on NPSPAC region. The TA adopted the request, seeing no adverse effect on band reconfiguration. The FCC has accepted the TA’s recommendation.

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