Could Spell Relief in Asian Radio Matter…

A recent Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture indicates that the FCC may be receptive to EWA’s efforts to thwart the sale of certain Asian radio frequency (RF) devices in the United States. On November 21, the Enforcement Bureau (EB) proposed a penalty of $25,000 against Acuity Brands, Inc. for marketing consumer-grade electronic fluorescent lighting ballasts, which are RF devices, that did not have the FCC logo affixed to them. Compounding the violation, Acuity Brands continued to market these devices after becoming aware that doing so was in violation of the FCC’s rules. 
Per Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations, section 2.803, devices marketed in the United States must be authorized, properly identified and labeled. The FCC Declaration of Conformity is the certification mark used to indicate conformity with the Code. 
As reported in September, EWA plans to urge the LMCC to seek FCC action in the matter of Asian RF products flooding American markets that are not type accepted and lack the Declaration of Conformity. These products are attractive to public safety, CII and others because they are inexpensive, readily available via online sources and may be programmed to virtually any channel below 480 MHz. Increasing the potential for harm from these products are “advisories” that FCC licenses are unnecessary for operation.
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