EWA Supports TAC Recommendations

EWA filed comments in late January endorsing recommendations from the FCC’s Technological Advisory Council (TAC), which included the need to establish a clearer understanding of the realities of today’s intensively populated wireless environment, the relationship between transmitters and receivers and, techniques for mitigating interference. The TAC’s specific recommendations included: 
  • Interference Realities: No radio environment is free of interference. TAC recommends that all wireless services, and the systems deployed on their allocated spectrum, be designed to provide for a reasonable degree of interference-resistance and should plan for instances of service degradation or interruption.
  • Responsibilities of [Radio] Services: Just as transmitters are responsible for minimizing the amount of energy they transmit outside their authorized frequencies and geographic areas, receivers should be designed to protect against receiving interference outside their assigned channels.  
  • Regulatory Requirements and Action: The TAC recommends principles intended to help the Commission make the best possible allocation decisions. Decisions regarding appropriate interference protection levels should be based on quantitative analyses of interactions between the services involved.   
“The reality is that given the incredible demand for spectrum resources, spectrum sharing will continue to be a requirement in the future. Greater spectrum sharing mandates a new awareness of the realities of spectrum use expectations given the greater chance that disparate wireless technologies will be operating within closer proximity of each other,” stated EWA President Mark Crosby, adding that “not many bands will be immune.”  
EWA also supported the creation of an accessible public database of enforcement activities to which EWA and others could direct parties when interference situations arise, an effort that could be undertaken in collaboration with entities such as EWA that already provide interference-resolution services. Reply Comments are due February 15.  (DA 17-1165) 
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