Report Concludes No Harm from Unlicensed RLAN Devices at 6 GHz

Last summer, the FCC adopted a Notice of Inquiry examining frequencies between 3.7 GHz and 24 GHz (“Mid-Band”) for potential unlicensed wireless broadband use, including shared federal and non-federal use. A broad range of interested parties all urged the FCC not to include the 6 GHz band for this purpose. On January 26, an engineering report submitted by RKF Engineering on behalf of a coalition of parties including Apple, Cisco, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and QUALCOMM concluded that unlicensed Radio Local Area Network (RLAN) devices can be deployed nationwide in the 6 GHz band using “established RLAN mitigation techniques and regulatory constraints similar to those applied in the neighboring 5 GHz band.” Ericsson supported licensed and unlicensed service at 6 GHz “provided that incumbent fixed service point-to-point operations are protected from harmful interference.” (GN 17-183)

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