Enforcement Bureau Cites Town of Ward for Unlicensed Radio Operations

Continuing its crackdown on unlicensed radio operations, the Enforcement Bureau cited the Town of Ward, Colorado, for operating an FM station from a trailer parked next to Town Hall. The Town has 10 days from the date of the notice to respond with any evidence that it has authority from the FCC to operate the station. Operating radio transmitting equipment without a valid radio station authorization violates Federal laws, and those that violate these laws are subject to penalties, even municipalities in Colorado. 
Additional Notices of Unlicensed Operation were issued to:
  • Apostle Nicholas Oluyemi for operating an FM station from the Christ for the World Church in Newark, New Jersey; 
  • Gerlens Cesar for multiple unlicensed operations in Boston, Massachusetts; and 
  • William John Nurre for operating an FM station from his Ashland, Oregon residence.
Category: Enforcement Corner