“Personal Use” Language to be Lifted from Signal Booster Proceeding

Also on the FCC’s plate during its March meeting is a Second R&O and Second FNPRM in the signal booster proceeding. The draft document states that the FCC intends to eliminate the confusing “personal use” restriction on Provider-Specific Consumer Signal Boosters and thereby “enable a small business to use [such a booster] to improve signal strength within its office.”  Hats off to EWA member the United Parcel Service (UPS) for advocating for that change. The FNPRM proposes to eliminate that same restriction on Wideband Consumer Signal Boosters and requests comments on whether these boosters should be permitted to operate in additional spectrum bands. It also proposes to remove barriers so that boosters can be embedded in cars, boats and RVs. (DA 17-220; WT 10-4)


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