EWA Meets with House Committee on 4.9 GHz

EWA met with staff members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee on April 4, 2018, at their invitation, to discuss this proceeding. In the Sixth Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, released in March, the FCC seeks comment on alternatives to stimulate expanded use of and investment in the 4.9 GHz band, drawing on comments in the record as well as the NPSTC Plan submitted in 2013 and the APCO report of 2015. It specifically asks about expanding eligibility to entities such as critical information infrastructure (CII) and about leasing, spectrum-sharing approaches, alternative uses, and coordination procedures. In its meeting with the House Committee, EWA noted business enterprise’s need for licensed broadband and emphasized that expanding eligibility for this spectrum would promote equipment development and economies of scale for all users. (WP 07-100) 


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