NPSTC on T-Band: Demonstrating the Value of Advocacy

In a recent newsletter, the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council (NPSTC) gave an overview of the T-Band issue and NPSTC’s advocacy efforts to repeal Section 6103 of Public Law 112-96 which mandates that the Federal Communications Commission begin an auction of the public safety spectrum in the T-Band (470-512 MHz) by February 21, 2021. NPSTC has formed a T-Band Coalition of public safety representatives, the work of which has resulted in the introduction of legislation entitled “Don’t Break Up the T-Band Act” (H.R. 5085), which currently has nine co-sponsors.  EWA has been a vocal advocate for the business enterprise users of this spectrum, raising the issue that the law that delivers the mandate neither mentions whether business enterprises are included in the repurposing of the band nor makes any provision for forced relocation reimbursement.


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