Pai Touts Record on Pirate Radio

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced April 11 that the Commission has made significant progress in its renewed commitment to combat pirate radio broadcasting. In 2017, the Bureau took more than twice as many actions against pirate broadcasters as in the year before. Since January of 2017, the Enforcement Bureau has:
  • Undertaken 306 investigations of unlawful broadcasting;
  • Issued 210 Notices of Unlicensed Operation;
  • Fined illegal broadcasters $143,800; and
  • For the first time, found property owners liable for actively supporting illegal activity on their property, resulting in many unlicensed stations ceasing operation.
“Fighting unlawful broadcasts is a top enforcement priority for the FCC,” said Chairman Pai. “Pirate operators can interfere with important public safety announcements and hurt licensed broadcasters’ business.”
Category: Enforcement Corner