EWA Sets the Record Straight on LMCC Position on Priority Access

In a recent ex parte filing, EWA responded to an FCC filing submitted by WIA (formerly PCIA), whereby WIA repeated its opposition to the proposal made by the LMCC that requested granting incumbent 800 MHz licensees time-limited priority access to add Expansion Band (EB) and Guard Band (GB) channels to existing systems before opening the spectrum to new entrants. EWA reminded the FCC that sixteen (16) of the LMCC member organizations voted in favor of a filing window for incumbent licensees with WIA being the sole opponent. WIA also argued the LMCC proposal would limit innovation and technological advances in the 800 MHz band, suggesting new entrants would be the only source of innovation. EWA’s response suggested that, contrary to WIA’s wishful thinking, “incumbents are as likely to introduce innovation as are new entrants”.  (WP 16-261)


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