CTIA Seeks to Shut Door on Census-Tract PALs for 3.5 GHz

CTIA, on behalf of its major carrier members, is pressing hard for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) NOT to provide for any census tract Priority Access Licenses (PALs), but to auction seven 10-MHz PALs in the top 306 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) and in counties outside those markets. In an attempt to justify this approach, CTIA claims that its proposals will keep the United States competitive in the international race for 5G supremacy, or at least equivalency. It also argues that those who want smaller geographic areas can acquire them by purchasing partitioned licenses in the secondary market, a concept that is belied by several decades of wireless after-market activity, or lack thereof. No FCC action on this item is scheduled for the July meeting. (GN 17-258)


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