Watershed Decisions Abundant at 4.9 GHz

In Comments filed earlier this month, EWA maintained its support for co-equal eligibility of and frequency coordination options for Public Safety and B/ILT entities in this band, while opposing commercial access. EWA also took the opportunity to suggest that with its focus on consumer-oriented offerings, the FCC appears to have lost sight of the important operations conducted on private land mobile radio (PLMR) systems that support America’s way of life and the economy in general. 

EWA challenged the FCC’s theory that auctioning spectrum for flexible commercial use was not “central planning” since the outcome of such allocations is entirely predictable, both in terms of the auction winners and the users and applications to which their service is oriented. It also disagreed with the notion advanced by national carrier advocates that secondary market transactions were effective in making spectrum available for PLMR uses since, commercial entities rarely are motivated to carve out spectrum for those purposes.  

For their part, a few public safety organizations disagreed with the FCC’s finding that the spectrum is underutilized and described both current and future applications. While NPSTC has maintained its prior proposal that sharing some spectrum with CII eligibles on a co-primary basis is a good approach, APCO would only allow CII sharing on a secondary, preemptible basis. (WP 07-100)  

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