PSHSB Busy Advising Licensees on Proper Behavior

File Construction Notices on Time
On July 26, the PSHSB denied a late-filed construction notification and advised Douglas County, Wisconsin, that the fact that its microwave site “is now ready and all equipment is on-site and ready to energize” after its construction deadline did not satisfy its obligation. It advised the County to get conditional authority in the interim and file a new application. It also noted that the Petition was procedurally defective since it was not signed and verified by the applicant or signed by an attorney of record representing the applicant. (DA 18-775)

Don’t Try to Get Access During A Pending Rulemaking
The PSHSB on July 25 denied a waiver request from the City of New Britain, Connecticut, seeking access to an 800 MHz Expansion Band channel for system expansion. The Bureau concluded that granting a waiver could prejudice the pending rulemaking proceeding. It also advised the city that Sprint-vacated channels are available for its use, so waiver relief is not needed. (DA 18-769)

Similarly, on July 24, the PSHSB dismissed two applications seeking waivers of the T-Band freeze that had been filed in 2012. PSHSB denied waiver relief to the County of Union and Franklin Township/Somerset County – both of New Jersey – because it determined that neither request satisfied the waiver standard. The Bureau advised Franklin Township/Somerset County that 700 MHz narrowband spectrum was available for its use and told Union County that it could not get a waiver to locate a control station outside the 50-mile radius of its market. (DA 18-763/764) 

Changing Status is Not Like Changing Clothes 
On July 25 the PSHSB dismissed License Acquisition’s request for reconsideration of the Bureau’s denial of its request to rescind its election to be relocated to the Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio (ESMR) band, a request submitted years after it had reaffirmed its desire to be moved to that portion of the band. The request was dismissed on procedural grounds since it had not been filed with the Secretary’s office as required by Rule Section 1.106(i). (DA 18-768)

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