Recent Enforcement Actions, August 10, 2018

FCC Settles Two LED Light Violation Cases
The FCC has resolved two investigations into two cases of violation of Commission rules regarding the marketing of light-emitting diode (LED) signs used in digital billboards and other commercial and industrial applications without the required equipment authorization. Both investigations resulted in admissions to rule violations; both companies will implement compliance plans as part of their settlements; and each company will pay a civil penalty:
  • Absen Inc. will pay a $55,000.
  • Lighthouse Technologies Limited will pay a $115,000.
Turn it Down — and Don’t Try to Argue!
The FCC has imposed a penalty of $12,000 against Ondas de Vida, Inc., (OdV), the licensee of FM Translator Station K256BS, Palmdale, California, for operating its station at power levels exceeding the values specified on its license. When Enforcement Bureau previously proposed a $12,000 forfeiture against OdV in April of 2017, OdV claimed that the Notice of Apparent Liability was based on factual errors. The FCC reviewed OdV’s response and found “no reason to cancel, withdraw, or reduce the proposed penalty.”
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