Another Red-Letter Day for Warren Havens

On August 14, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB) issued another series of rulings addressing construction extension requests and renewal showings submitted, first by companies controlled by Warren Havens, and then by the receiver appointed to manage his spectrum assets. The FCC denied requests from Skybridge Spectrum Foundation for additional time to build-out 352 Multiple Address Systems (MAS) licenses and 16 Automated Maritime Telecommunications System (AMTS) licenses. As typical when Mr. Havens is involved, there were some added twists to the FCC actions. First, it did not cancel the geographic areas of the AMTS licenses that had been licensed to and were being assigned to AMTRAK for Positive Train Control (PTC) use. With regard to the MAS licenses, Mr. Havens had used a previous FCC loophole to assign the upper portion of the AMTS licenses from Skybridge to a related company, Intelligent Transportation & Monitoring Wireless LLC, while leaving all build-out requirements with the Skybridge licenses.  So, while those MAS authorizations have been terminated, the licenses assigned to Intelligent Transportation and Monitoring Wireless LLC (ITL) remain valid. Based on prior history, it is reasonable to assume that these decisions will be appealed, although the receiver may take a different position than Mr. Havens did on such matters. (DA 18-848 and 18-850)


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