Recent Enforcement Actions for August 22, 2018

Horizon Lobby To Pay $35K for Noncompliant Marketing of Drones
Horizon Lobby admits that it marketed audio/video transmitters that did not comply with FCC equipment marketing rules. These A/V transmitters were intended for use with drones that did not and could operate in bands reserved for important operations, such as Federal Aviation Administration Terminal Doppler Weather Radar. According to an Order released August 16, Horizon Lobby will pay a $35,000 civil penalty.
Notices of Unlicensed Operation to:
The Miami Office of FCC Enforcement Bureau issued Notices of Unlicensed Operation to the following individuals and entities in late August for operating FM radio stations without a license.
Emerald Terrace Limited Partnership of Miami, Florida.
Kingsbridge Development Corporation of Miami, Florida.
Ramash Realty, LLC of Miami Gardens, Florida.
Minnie M. Wilkerson and Louise Kimbrough of Miami Gardens, Florida. 
Each of the parties has ten days from the date of the notice to respond. 
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