Recent Enforcement Actions, September 7, 2018

Another Mega-Fine for Unauthorized Transfer of Control  

On August 28, the FCC announced that it had entered into a Consent Decree with Marriot International, Inc. that involves a $504,000 settlement amount. Marriott failed to get prior approval from the FCC before taking control of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide LLC. The violation, which was reported to the FCC voluntarily, involved 63 separate licensee entities and 65 licenses.  It’s possible the fact that Marriott had more than $22B in 2017 reported revenues may have affected the size of the fine. (DA 18-843)

But Will Anthony Be Fined? 

On the same day, the FCC issued a Citation and Order to an Anthony Locasto for the operation of an outdoor night vision surveillance camera that has been causing interference to Sprint’s 800 MHz cellular operations since at least March 2017. The FCC had already posted three prior warnings at the Locasto residence without receiving a response, and the interference problem has continued. The Order advised Locasto that a failure to resolve the problem could result in a fine of up to $19,639 per day. (DA 18-890)

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