LMCC Will Seek Reconsideration of 800 MHz Interstitial Order

The LMCC will request reconsideration of the FCC’s decision to use 50/10 interference contours in lieu of LMCC recommended 50/50 contours. In addition, the LMCC will note that the derated values adopted by the FCC are now incorrect by as much as 14 db, and if the FCC insists on utilizing 50/10 contours integral to future 800 Mhz coordination procedures, that the values need adjustments. Finally, the LMCC will note that 800 MHz manufacturers need the opportunity to weigh in on current and planned emission designators critical to the use of the adjacent channel interference matrix, regardless if 50/10 or 50/50 contours are used.  


Category: EWA On Your Side