LMCC Asks FCC to Reconsider F(50,10) Contour for 800 MHz

In a Petition for Reconsideration filed December 27, the LMCC has requested that the FCC reconsider its decision to use an F(50,10) interference contour when coordinating adjacent 800 MHz channels separated by 12.5 kHz. The LMCC had proposed and developed a coordination matrix for a more spectrally efficient F(50,50) interference contour. In the R&O, the FCC published the original matrix while adopting the more conservative F(50,10) contour.
Simultaneous to filing the Petition, the LMCC is developing a modified matrix for an F(50,10) contour in case the FCC rejects the request. The LMCC concluded that coordination under the rules adopted, while unnecessarily conservative and, therefore, less than spectrally efficient, could not be shown to cause irreparable injury, an essential element in seeking a stay of the FCC rules. EWA continues to seek information from vendors about new equipment/technology that would require modifying the matrix of derating factors to be used in conjunction with the F(50,50) interference curve. (WP 15-32, 16-261)   


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