Recent Enforcement Actions, January 15, 2019

Mobile Communications America Fined for Transfer of Control and Operation Violations

On December 26, the FCC issued an Order announcing that the FCC Enforcement Bureau had entered a Consent Decree to resolve an investigation into whether Mobile Communications America, Inc. had violated sections of the Communications Act of 1934 and FCC rules related to the transfer of control of wireless radio licenses prior to receiving FCC approval and to its operation of wireless stations after the licenses for those stations had expired. To settle the matter, Mobile Communications has admitted that it failed to obtain the necessary FCC approval prior to transferring the licenses in question, agrees to implement a compliance plan, and will make a payment of $93,600.

PSHSB Continues to Wield its Enforcement Hammer 

On December 19, the PSHSB disposed of several requests for construction extensions by denying some and advising licensees to reapply, while granting relief to a licensee in PR who had built but whose notification was not received on time and, to a 700 MHz licensee in CA.  (DA 18-1273/76)

They Hoped No One Would Notice

Swarm Technologies, Inc. was fined $900,000 for deploying and operating four experimental satellites -- after the FCC had denied Swarm’s application for that operation -- and for unauthorized testing of weather balloon-to-ground station and other ground station equipment. The fact that the FCC uncovered the operation, rather than Swarm making a disclosure, likely did not help. (File No.:  EB-SED-18-00026685)

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