FCC Reopens, Extends Deadlines

The FCC reopened on January 28, but it is not yet back to business as usual and the possibility remains that they could have to close shop again after February 15 because of another possible government shutdown. The Commission is processing its month-long backlog of applications and other filings; however, it is uncertain when the backlog will be cleared or what will be the processing time for these filings. Now, the FCC is focused on matters related to deadlines during the time that they know they will be open and preparing for the possibility of another shutdown.
In a Public Notice released on January 29, the FCC extended certain deadlines impacted by the shutdown:
  • Filings due between January 3 and January 7 were due on January 30. 
  • Filings due between January 8 and February 7 are due on February 8. 
  • For ULS applications and notifications, filings under §1.913 (Applications) and under §1.946 (Construction and Coverage) that were to be filed from January 3 through February 8 are due on February 8. 
  • Authorizations for Special Temporary Authority (STAs) that would have expired from January 3 through January 29 are extended until February 8. (DA 19-26) 
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